We believe precious baby skin deserves the very best

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is the purest fresh-pressed organic coconut oil chosen specifically for infant skincare by a very picky mum. Loaded with amazing natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away through processing or added to dilute its purity, our award-winning coconut oil hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with.


A mum on a mission

In our quest to find the perfect coconut oil for little ones, we rejected countless varieties from all over the world. We're proud to say Kokoso Baby is more lightweight than others and therefore sinks into delicate skin faster. It's also the purest white in colour when solid (and crystal clear when liquid) with a subtle fresh fragrance and luxurious silky smooth texture. Many of the other varieties we tried had an overpowering sickly-sweet aroma, were yellow in colour and felt greasy or gritty on our baby's skin. Not good.

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The natural goodness of 3 happy coconuts

Inside every pot of Kokoso you’ll find the magical multipurpose moisturising power of around three organic coconuts (1.5 in our travel-size packaging). Our extra special coconuts are unique to the region they grow in. Every one that makes it in has been lovingly raised for around 12 months and hand-checked on our certified organic family-run farm in Thailand. We use sustainable farming methods, ethical work practices and state-of-the-art facilities that are inspected, evaluated and approved according to US and EU regulations.


Approved by an extra brainy professor

Our premium organic coconut oil is made using a clever coconut-friendly process designed by a brainy professor. This ultra cold extraction technique creates an oil that’s less dense (more lightweight) than others. Unique to Kokoso, this process is what makes our coconut baby oil so perfect for head-to-toe infant skincare, as its nourishing natural nutrients absorb quicker without leaving your little one feeling greasy. What's more, every part of making Kokoso Baby is chemical-free and heat-free. And our gentle fresh-pressed extraction technique means it not only smells of the most beautiful fresh coconut but it retains all of its amazing natural goodness and nothing nasty gets in. Just how we like it.