Katie Price loves Kokoso Baby!

When Miss Katie Price gave birth to her daughter, Bunny, in August 2014 – just after Kokoso Baby had launched – we thought she might appreciate some of our coconut oil moisturiser to care for her little one’s skin. And our hunch was right! 

(We didn’t sponsor Katie to tweet this photo – she just LOVES our coconut oil!)

And it turns out Katie’s not the only one borrowing their baby’s Kokoso to use in their own skincare routines. We’ve also heard from a host of other customers who’ve told us they use our multipurpose wonder oil as a:

·      Body moisturiser

·      Stretch mark oil 

·      Pregnancy bump moisturiser

·      Make-up remover and cleanser

·      Shaving balm/After shave oil 

·      Fake tan primer

·      After sun lotion 

·      Lip balm 

·      Hair mask 

·      Massage oil 

·      Beard oil (yes, dads love it too!) 

How would you use Kokoso Baby coconut oil in your own beauty regime? Pick up a pot from our Shop today to discover the multitude of benefits!