Wrap up warm and keep skin moisturised the natural way with Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. 

Wrap up warm and keep skin moisturised the natural way with Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. 

Caring for your baby’s skin in winter


Runny noses, chapped little cheeks and dry winter skin. During the colder months, our babies’ delicate skin can really suffer from moving between cold, damp, frosty air and our warm, centrally heated homes.


If you’re looking for a natural, organic, gentle moisturiser to help keep your little one’s skin softly nourished this winter, Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is here to help.


An amazing natural emollient, Kokoso is the ideal natural oil for moisturising delicate skin and helping to keep irritation, dryness and sensitivity flare-ups at bay.


In fact, Kokoso is so effective it even featured as a winter baby skin saviour in OK! Mum and Baby Magazine. And here’s why our premium organic coconut oil is so highly rated…


Kokoso contains moisturising fatty acids, nourishing vitamin E and clever lauric acid. It’s a magic formula created by Mother Nature herself, which gently yet deeply moisturises baby skin to help keep it in good condition throughout the winter.


Simply smooth our wonder oil onto cheeks, lips, chins, noses and foreheads before leaving the house - and keep applying whenever skin needs some nourishing TLC. After bath, try Kokoso as an all-over body butter and let the coconutty goodness work its magic overnight.


Natural skin-loving properties


The clever fatty acids in Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil are lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid. These are medium-chain fatty acids that sink deep into your baby's skin to condition, moisturise and leave them feeling baby-soft – without the use of harsh chemicals sometimes found in other baby lotions.


A natural antimicrobial, lauric acid makes up more than 50% of Kokoso and it really is a remarkable healer. In fact, breast milk is the only other natural source that contains such a high concentration of lauric acid - and scientists believe that its presence explains the decrease of infection rate in breast-fed babies.


It's why Kokoso also works so well as a natural after-sun for the whole family. Hard to imagine mid-way through a cold, gloomy November. But I for one can't wait to start using it after a day of fun in the sun with my little ones! 


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Kokoso Baby is a premium quality raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for baby skincare. It hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with. We’ve simply left all of its amazing natural nutrients to do the important job of moisturising your little one’s skin.