Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is available at Boots or click here to go to our online shop. 

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is available at Boots or click here to go to our online shop. 

Kokoso Baby was proudly shortlisted for Best Baby Skincare Product in the 2016 Mother and Baby Awards. We made it to the final on the say-so of a host of independent mums and dads who tested our finest organic coconut oil at home on their little ones.

Heres the feedback... 

       Wow - loved this product. The smell is just gorgeous and I loved that the ingredient is purely coconut oil. A little goes a really long way which makes it good value for money. The oil didn't feel greasy or oily which I was worried about. My newborn had some dry patches of skin on her face and this cleared it up almost immediately. It makes for a really nice massage oil too which I used to try to ease my little ones colic. This product really has so many uses.

       I love that this one product can be used for so many things - by the whole family.

       I would recommend it to mums for both themselves and their babies - it is natural and organic, therefore is safe for baby skin and has a multitude of different uses so is a fairly good price for the size of tub. The packaging is nice and simple, and the wide necked jar makes it easy to use.

       This product is very useful, coconut oil can be used for so many things, general moisturiser, helping to get rid of dry skin patches, cleansing bums, massage - and this is raw, 100% organic oil with no additives so you can be sure this is absolutely safe for use on babies, and a lovely natural product for use on us mums. Open the jar, rub your fingers on a bit and away you go!

       This products is gorgeous.  It melts in the heat of your hand and smells divine.  It is great for sensitive skin and can also be used for baby massage.

       This product is mild enough to apply numerous times a day and can be used all over or on specific troublesome areas even on the face.  It isnt sticky and despite being oily, it doesnt affect clothing with marks etc

       Just a wonderful product, absorbed into babies skin beautifully and left it lovely and soft and smelling of fresh coconut .

       Could dress baby straight away after applying and absorbed into skin perfectly.

       Worth every penny.

       Oh my god. Love this product. Smells divine, doesn't leave the skin greasy after application, moisturises beautifully, so easy to apply.

       Love love love. The fact that the cream is a solid that melts when you rub your fingers on it means there is very little wastage. I have used this every evening as part of my babies bed time routine and I can see him visibly relax when I take the top off the pot and he smells it. I have used it as well on my skin and hair with wonderful results. Truly is a multi use item. Really reasonably priced especially when you see how long it lasts.

       No complaints at all.

       Very nice to use, made skin very soft for baby and me. Very soothing for my baby. Smells nice.

       Can get as much as you need at a time.

       I absolutely love this product.  It is made of only coconut oil so is therefore completely natural and organic as well as been suitable for sensitive skin.  It is a solid balm but it does turn oily once on warm fingers.  On first use I did think that it was going to leave the skin greasy but it does not at all as it is quickly absorbed into the skin. It is fairly pricey for a baby moisturiser which may put some parents off but I think it is well worth it as it does go a long way. I also tried this product on myself as I do suffer from very dry skin on my elbows and have to say it has worked brilliantly.

       The fact of it been quickly absorbed means you can dress baby straight after with no worries of stains on clothes

       I honestly can't think of anything I would change about this product

       Great product I found myself using this a lot and in many ways. Really lovely to use. Great on sensitive and dry skin.

       I found myself using this so many times and on so many different things. Certainly was lovely to use with my dry and sensitive toddler.

       The baby oil smells nice and it is great to know that it is made from natural ingredients to reduce harm to the little one's skin. It looks almost like a wax, but is actually quite oily. Feels easier to use than actual baby oil which is really runny and tends to get everywhere.

       This balm is AMAZING!  Its a solid mass which turns to liquid when your fingers touch it.  Its easy to apply, smells very faintly of coconut (not a massed produce smell either, it smells natural), it has no hidden nasties.  Because its in solid form in the pot it means you dont get it in the lid if it tumbles around in your bag so theres no mess.  Its a fantastic product for doing baby massage with also.  Because you only need a little bit, and theres no risk of you scooping out too much it will last a long time.

       Because its in solid form in the pot it doesnt spill out into the lid when upturned, which means its not messy.  You also only need a very small amount, and theres no risk of you scooping out too much in one go.  I simply LOVE this product!  It smells great, feels fabulous, and leaves babys skin feeling all silky.  Im not keen on the price, but because you only need so little and theres no chance of you scooping out too much owing to its solid form it works out to be relatively cost effective.

Kokoso coconut oil for baby dry skin

Kokoso Baby is a premium quality raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for baby skincare. It hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with. We’ve simply left all of its amazing natural nutrients to do the important job of moisturising your little one’s skin.