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The Kokoso Baby Natural Baby Brush Set is perfect for keeping little heads naturally pampered and pure.

This stylish yet oh-so-practical gift set contains Kokoso Baby’s 100% natural and organic multitasking coconut oil (168g), our delightfully dinky natural wooden baby hairbrush and a cute little Kokoso keep-safe pouch made from natural fibres. 

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Start a great hair care routine

Brushing your baby’s hair and scalp provides a super relaxing experience for your little one and can help to get them into a good routine when it comes to taming tangled tresses later on!

Our premium organic coconut oil can also work wonders as a naturally nourishing hair treatment for little ones, and is especially great for curly hair care.

-       Gently massage a little Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil into the hair and scalp and leave to soften and work its moisturising magic.

-       Wash hair thoroughly after 1-2 hours (or even the next day) with Kokoso Baby Hair & Body Wash to reveal beautifully baby-soft baby hair.

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Keep little heads flake-free

Even if your baby doesn’t have much hair yet, they’ll love having their scalp gently massaged with our natural baby hairbrush. This is soooo soothing for your little one at bedtime and it’s great way to help remove dry, flaky or scaly skin on the scalp – without the use of harsh chemicals.

-       Gently apply Kokoso’s premium organic coconut oil onto baby’s delicate scalp, leaving the natural nutrients to absorb and work their magic for 1-2 hours or overnight.

-       Next, softly massage the scalp with Kokoso’s natural baby hairbrush, which will help to gently exfoliate and remove any loose flakes or dry skin.

-       Finish by gently washing baby’s head and hair with the Kokoso Baby Hair & Body Wash. Repeat if necessary.

So if you’re looking for a beautiful yet super useful gift for a little loved one, look no further than our Natural Baby Brush Set. It's perfect for baby showers or new baby gifts, and parents love the fact that our gift box packaging is made from 100% responsibly sourced wood - yes even the window!