We are Kokoso Baby converts! I’ve always used a high quality coconut oil on Felix so didn’t think this would be any better. I was wrong! This stuff is so much nicer than anything we could get in a health food store, it’s almost buttery in texture and the smell is much more subtle and sweet than we’re used to. We love love love this product!
— Phoebe Thorpe
Natural coconut oil best for baby skin

The Kokoso Difference

There are a few reasons why Kokoso Baby, the award-winning organic coconut oil specially selected for head-to-toe infant skincare, is different to other coconut oil brands. 

Best coconut oil ever... This stuff is amazing!
— @kosmosmodel, Instagram

Not all coconut oils are the same. It’s all down to the quality of the coconuts, the conditions in which they grow and the process used to make the oil. All of these factors affect the fragrance, texture and the grade of the finished product. Think about the wide variety of olive oils you find in the supermarket. It's amazing how different they can be... and the same goes for coconut oil. 

That's why we spent a long time searching the world for the perfect, purest, highest quality coconut oil for your baby's skin - a premium product that parents can trust is packed full of amazing nourishing nutrients, smells divine and, crucially, absorbs better into your baby's delicate skin. 

I’ve bought so many sorts of coconut oil but they are all so greasy in comparison to Kokoso Baby. It’s so lightweight and absorbs really quickly and feels completely different. When I first got it I had some leftover 100% organic virgin coconut oil but I couldn’t bare to use it as it felt so greasy and thick in comparison! Kokoso Baby is all I buy now for me and my babies.
— @xiloveslimmingworldx, Instagram

How we make Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Kokoso Baby uses the finest organic coconuts from some of the oldest coconut trees in Thailand grown on our ethical, family-run, certified-organic farm. Each coconut that makes it into our pots is lovingly raised for around 12 months and then hand-checked before going through a very gentle yet state-of-the-art process to make our raw, cold-pressed, virgin, organic coconut oil. 

Big fans here… I’d tried coconut oil on my baby when he was newborn and really didn’t like it. However, this stuff is fantastic!
— Shireen Hand

Kokoso Baby comes from the first press of the coconuts and we don’t use any chemicals or unnecessary heat to make the oil. It is also fresh-pressed (sometimes referred to as wet-pressed or wet-milled), which means the coconut fruit isn't dried out like you'll find with many other varieties of coconut oil. If left to dry in the sunlight or over a fire, bacteria can fester which means the dried out coconut fruit, called copra, needs to be washed with chlorine. 

Because Kokoso Baby coconuts are always pressed within three hours of being opened, they are only ever cleaned using purified water. 

I literally couldn’t live without this stuff... I’ve tried other coconut oils. None of them come anywhere close to this.
— @keeleymakeup
I use Kokoso on my face and it’s cleared a lot of my skin up, whereas I’ve found that regular coconut oils break it out. Absolutely love the stuff!
— @loveloveandcupcakes
Best coconut oil for baby skin

But perhaps most importantly, part of the cutting-edge, protected process used to make Kokoso Baby was invented by a university professor. This unique ultra cold extraction technique creates an oil that is lighter, thinner and less dense than others - so it absorbs beautifully into baby skin.

The mum behind Kokoso also selected this coconut oil because she’s very picky. She rejected countless coconut oils before deciding on this one for all the reasons listed above AND because of its fresh mild coconutty fragrance and smooth creamy texture. In fact we believe our coconut oil is as close in fragrance to freshly opened coconut as it comes. Many of the others we tested from around the world had an overpowering, sickly-sweet smell like desiccated coconut, and felt greasy or gritty on our baby's skin. Not good.

I’ve tried several coconut oils before and Kokoso Baby is by far the nicest. It soaks in beautifully, has a mild but lovely coconutty smell and is now a daily part of my body care – and it’s not even meant for me!
— Charlotte Raines

Packaging and testing

What’s more, we’ve chosen fit-for-purpose, baby-safe, BPA-free, recyclable packaging as opposed to a heavy glass jars that we feel are potentially dangerous around inquisitive little hands. Our thoughtful new pots also come with a handy inner lid to help avoid spills when the oil melts to a liquid above 24 degrees.

Last but not least, Kokoso has been dermatologically tested and is proven to be suitable for sensitive skin, mild for skin and kind to skin and suitable for eczema-prone skin. In addition, every batch we make is tested to ensure it's as pure and perfect as can be.

We believe Kokoso Baby is the only coconut oil brand that can say all of this!

Have you and your little one tried it yet? Please do let us know what you think...

Wow. I am the biggest fan of coconut oil but I have never come across anything so light, soft and sweet-smelling. I know which brand I’m recommending now!
— @rachelcoco86
I tried coconut oil as a beauty product once and hated everything about it!!!! THIS, however, I LOVE!!!! The fine texture that melts easily on contact and absorbs instantly into the skin and the beautiful light scent of fresh coconut is exquisite.
— Maria Bedford
 Kokoso Baby is available at Boots stores across the UK and right here on our lovely website.

Kokoso Baby is available at Boots stores across the UK and right here on our lovely website.

Kokoso Baby is a premium quality raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for head-to-toe infant skincare. It hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with. We’ve simply left all of its amazing natural nutrients to do the important job of moisturising your little one’s skin.