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baby wash

Making a baby wash (isn’t as simple as it seems)

When the mum and dad behind Kokoso Baby set out to make a baby wash and share more of the coconutty goodness, the brief was strict:

–       It had to be the kindest, gentlest baby wash using the highest quality natural and organic ingredients

–       It had to contain as much of our own raw virgin organic coconut oil as possible

–       It had to be gentle enough for newborn, sensitive and eczema-prone skin

–       It had to be made using non-toxic safe ingredients rated green on the EWG Skin Deep® Database

–       If it doesn’t benefit baby’s skin, we don’t want it in!

Ultimately, we wanted to make a Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash that we were happy using on our own children’s skin and proud to share with other parents and their little ones. After carrying out extensive research, we were shocked by many of the ingredients used in other baby washes and knew we wanted to create a product that’s cleaner, kinder and safer than the rest.

A unique approach

One of our earliest conversations was with a company that makes base formulas. They take their standard formula and tweak it by adding a fragrance to make it ‘yours’. It’s then bottled in your branded packaging and we as parents are none the wiser.

Cheap, quick and easy it may be – and as a result this is what a lot of other brands do – but this approach just didn’t seem, well, very Kokoso. Launching a baby wash that’s essentially the same as the next one, except for the fragrance, felt completely disingenuous and not what we’re about at all.

So instead, we started to look for a cosmetic scientist who could help us in our mission to create, from scratch and with love, the best baby wash on the market.

We were introduced to someone with 20 years’ experience formulating for some of the biggest skincare brands around. As a mum herself, she instantly understood our brief. In fact, she told us that when her baby was born she’d refused to use any of the baby washes available – instead opting for an expensive face wash she had formulated for a high-end brand, because she knew it contained ingredients she could trust.

Wow! How could it be right that the professionals who make these kinds of products don’t trust what’s in them? Unfortunately, we don’t all have her expert knowledge – and many parents are left in the dark when it comes to what’s inside their baby’s toiletries.

We want to change that.

natural baby wash

Fragrance-Free for baby’s first wash. Softly Scented for when their skin has adjusted to the world.

An impossible challenge

Nothing worth doing comes easy and we were told it would be a huge challenge to formulate using high quantities of our own premium quality raw virgin organic coconut oil. Impossible, even. Most skincare products that market themselves as containing ‘coconut oil’ either use a low grade refined version or very small amounts of virgin coconut oil, affording no real benefit to the skin.

They were right; it wasn’t easy. But with time, care and what seemed like countless tweaks to the formula over many many months, our unique and innovative baby wash finally passed all of the rigorous testing.

And of course it was worth it! We’re now thrilled that our super nourishing formula contains an incredible 10% Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil – as much as scientifically possible whilst still creating an effective product.

We’re also extremely proud that all our ingredients are rated green on the EWG Skin Deep® Database, bar ‘parfum’ which cannot be rated green in any skincare product. However, you can rest assured that our signature coconutty fragrance, created in Switzerland, is 100% natural and free from any potential allergens.

Clean, kind and coconutty

As well as our own moisturising organic coconut oil, we’ve used the kindest plant-based ingredients including organic aloe vera leaf juice, a gentle food grade preservative and coconut-derived stabiliser. You can read in detail about each of our skin-kind ingredients here.

Our 98% naturally-derived, 80% organic formula is also pH balanced and so gentle it’s suitable for sensitive skin and even eczema-prone skin.

And as you’d expect from all our products, it’s free from any nasty chemicals and potentially harmful or irritating ingredients including parabens, phthalaltes, SLS/SLES, mineral oils, phenoxyethenol, synthetic perfumes and colourants.

If you’ve tried it already, we hope you’ll agree it was worth the extra effort to make an exceptional product that makes bathtime softer, sweeter and a whole lot safer.

Here’s what a few of our lovely customers think!

“Only just started using the baby wash but wish I’d started sooner. It’s completely transformed my baby’s dry skin and has a delicate scent to it that really relaxes her before bedime.” Alpa Parmar

“This is amazing. After one wash of his hair his scalp looks less dry. I love it.” Alison Moore

“It has a wonderful velvety lather and delicious coconut scent that I can’t get enough of, but best of all it doesn’t irritate Caspian’s sensitive skin. I want to steal it for myself!” Pheobe Thorpe

“The softest, smoothest, gentlest wash ever for my babies.” Saskia Boujo

“The Kokoso Baby Wash is an absolute dream! Lathers beautifully on Henry’s skin and hair, has left him super soft and leaves behind a subtle hint of coconut. So don’t mind me, I’m off to eat my baby up as he smells so good!” Laura Georgina  

Softly cleanse and gently mositurise with our natural coconutty skincare.

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