Here at Kokoso Baby® we’ve created a range of caring bathtime products designed to cleanse,
nourish and protect delicate skin in the water.

Natural Baby Bath Sponge

Midwives advise washing newborns with warm water and cotton wool or a sponge for the first six weeks of life, whilst their skin adjusts to the outside world. Our super soft, totally natural baby bath sponge is perfect for this purpose. Made from 100% pure Konjac, the fine non-irritating plant fibres and natural antioxidant properties help to protect and care for delicate young skin by gently removing dirt and helping to balance the skin’s pH levels.

Gentle Hair & Body Wash – Fragrance-Free

Brand new skin is easily irritated and should be gently nurtured as your little one grows. Opt for our Fragrance-Free hair and body wash as your baby’s first bath wash. It’s specially formulated for newborns and little ones with particularly sensitive skin.

Gentle Hair & Body Wash – Natural Coconut

When your little one’s skin has had some time to strengthen and mature, you may wish to start introducing a natural, allergen-free fragrance into their bathtime routine. That’s where our super gentle Natural Coconut hair and body wash comes in. It’s the exact same formulation as our Fragrance-Free wash, with a few drops of scrummy coconut added in. Simply delicious!

Organic Baby Soap

Softly and safely cleanse precious skin with the purest plant-based soap bar. Made with just three premium organic ingredients and nothing else, our Organic Baby Soap is fragrance-free and certified suitable for the most sensitive skin.