Nappy change

As 60% of parents discover, the very delicate skin of baby’s
nappy area can easily become irritated during the first 12 months.

Natural bottom balm

Did you know Kokoso Baby® premium organic coconut oil can be used as a natural bottom balm? In fact, it’s even scooped a Mumsnet Best for this purpose and comes highly recommended by The Nappy Gurus as a nappy balm for reusable nappies!

Why? It’s packed with soothing anti-inflammatory and gentle anti-bacterial properties that help keep this super sensitive area fresh, happy and baby-soft – the 100% natural way.

From the very first days, apply our lovely coconut oil as part of your nappy changing routine to protect and care for this delicate area of baby’s body. Its skin-loving goodness is easily absorbed and ideal for using with either reusable or disposable nappies. Hurray!