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Hair Care

Every child is individual in terms of how much hair they enter the world with. While some little ones are born bald, others arrive with a full head of hair. It’s all down to maternal hormones and genetics. But what’s ‘hair’ today may well be gone tomorrow, as many babies experience hair loss within the first six months.

This is a perfectly normal physiological phase called telogen effluvium. The hairs will soon grow back, but don’t be surprised if it’s a different colour and texture than before!

At this delicate stage in babies’ hair growth cycle, it’s important to choose safe nourishing products like our Gentle Hair & Body Wash and natural baby hairbrush.

Gentle Hair & Body Wash

Created for top-to-toe care at bathtime, our soft creamy wash works as an ultra-nourishing baby shampoo designed to cleanse gently, without stripping hair. 

Thanks to the high content of organic coconut oil and organic aloe vera, known for their fantastic hair care properties, our Gentle Hair & Body Wash leaves locks soft, nourished and healthy-looking. The unique mix of fatty acids in coconut oil helps repair the hair’s surface and retain moisture in the hair shaft, while aloe vera nourishes hair follicles and encourages re-growth by stimulating blood circulation along the scalp.

Tips: Use at every bathtime to help keep your baby’s scalp and hair in great condition. When washing hair, add a splash more water to your hands to loosen the lather and make bigger bubbles. 

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Kokoso Baby® Coconut Oil

If you’re looking for a nourishing organic hair oil for baby, many parents tell us how wonderful our coconut oil is when it comes to caring for their little one’s lovely locks – and even their own! 

Coconut oil is especially great for curly hair care. It helps to achieve silky curls without weighing down hair, and is also great for taming flyaways and frizz whilst creating a protective barrier to shield delicate curls from the elements.

Tips: Try our coconut oil as a regular overnight hair conditioning treatment. It will work its magic on baby’s scalp at the same time. Simply smooth the oil through the hair from root to tip and wash it out with two shampoos the following day. Use our Gentle Hair & Body Wash as a shampoo to continue the nourishing care! 

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Natural Baby Hairbrush

Specially made for your child’s delicate hair, our beautiful wooden hairbrush uses natural boar bristles to help evenly distribute hair oil for healthier-looking locks.

Tips: Use daily to keep delicate baby hair in place. Gentle brushing can relax baby before bedtime. Regular hair brushing also helps prepare little ones for a great hair care routine later on!

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