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Kokoso Baby coconut oil for babies being talked about by lovely people.

Hand shake

Kokoso Baby coconut oil for babies being talked about by lovely people.


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Lots of happy mums and dads

“I can highly recommend the lovely coconut oil by Kokoso – it’s SO good and perfect for your baby. The best coconut oil going.”

- Hollie de Cruz, Founder of The Yesmum Cards & London Hypnobirthing

“Wow. I am the biggest fan of coconut oil but I have never come across anything so light, soft and sweet-smelling. I know which brand I’m recommending now!”

- @rachelcoco86

“It’s a miracle cream! One of the best natural products I’ve discovered and the only thing I’ll ever use on my babies’ skin.”

- Clemmie Hooper, Midwife & author of How to Grow a Baby

“The fine texture that melts easily on contact and absorbs instantly into the skin and the beautiful light scent of fresh coconut are exquisite.”

- Maria Bedford

"Our favourite moisturiser."

- Baby London Magazine

“Stuff of unicorn breath and fairy tears - Kokoso is magical!”

- @toomuchmotheringinformation

"I’ve bought so many sorts of coconut oil but they are all so greasy in comparison to Kokoso Baby. It’s so lightweight and absorbs really quickly and feels completely different. When I first got it I had some leftover 100% organic virgin coconut oil but I couldn’t bare to use it as it felt so greasy and thick in comparison! Kokoso Baby is all I buy now for me and my babies."

- @xiloveslimmingworldx

"I've tried several coconut oils before and Kokoso Baby is by far the nicest. It soaks in beautifully, has a mild but lovely coconutty smell and is now a daily part of my body care - and it's not even meant for me!"

- Charlotte Raines

"A definite holy grail baby product."

- Tasha Parker

"I literally couldn't live without Kokoso. I got it for my baby and now I use it as a lip balm, hair mask, makeup remover, cuticle oil, moisturiser, shaving oil and massage oil. I've tried other coconut oils and none of them come anywhere close to this."

- @keeleymakeup

“Kokoso is the best baby product I’ve bought, it's sorted out so many problems, it’s magic!”

- @mooshi_and_sushi

“Found an amazing product that moisturises and removes ALL makeup. It's also 100% natural and organic! Kokoso Baby is my new beauty MUST.”

- Sophia Wyatt, Founder of Kicks Count

"I’ve been using Kokoso in place of all other baby skincare products. I use it on baby's cheeks (got rid of milk rash), scalp (no longer dry), snotty nose (seems to soothe her), in the little neck fat rolls, for baby massage, for a sore newborn bottom and finally for cleaning little hands."

- Alex Langhorn