Kokoso Baby

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100% natural head-to-toe infant skincare

  The highest quality raw virgin organic fresh-pressed coconut oil specially selected to keep baby's skin happy and soft

• No nasty chemicals

  Dermatologically Tested and Suitable for Sensitive Skin

  Baby-safe, recyclable, BPA-free packaging

  The skincare goodness of around 3 premium organic coconuts in every pot (1.5 in our smaller size)

  Daily head-to-toe moisturiser for beautifully soft, healthy baby skin

  Silky soft bottom balm

  Heavenly massage oil

  Completely safe to use from day one

  Can also work wonders as a natural lip balm, moisturiser, make-up remover, hair mask, after-sun and so much more

  Available in two sizes for home and on-the-go

**Please note our travel-size 84g pot of natural goodness is sealed with foil. It's best to remove the seal fully and dispose of the foil before starting your Kokoso Baby skincare routine. Enjoy!** 

**Remember the oil melts to a liquid at temperatures above 24 degrees. It's the mark of a natural product. We've introduced a handy inner lid to keep your Kokoso cosy in the pot but please store out of direct sunlight and away from warm radiators. It's happy being kept in the fridge if you prefer to apply Kokoso as a solid oil on hot days.**


Ingredients: 100% Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil and nothing else. 

Country of origin: Sunny Thailand

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from 5.49
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