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Organic Baby Bath Products

Your baby’s delicate skin has a protective barrier that’s 30% thinner than adults, which can leave them prone to skin conditions like dry skin or cradle cap. We’ve developed our range of organic baby bath products to help. The magic ingredient? Premium organic coconut oil that's packed with moisturising fatty acids, nourishing natural nutrients and healing lauric acid - in other words, a whole lot of skin-loving goodness!

Our award-winning Gentle Hair & Body Wash is specially formulated to act as both a baby shampoo and baby wash, and comes in fragrance-free and natural coconut options. It’s ultra-mild, super-moisturising, and loaded with beneficial plant-based ingredients like soothing aloe vera. Plus, it’s safe to use from birth - treating your little one to the softest and safest of bathtimes.

You can also try our Organic Baby Soap. This 100% natural baby soap is made from a blend of moisturising coconut oil, olive oil and protective shea butter - that's it! Perfectly pure and completely plastic-free, it's unfragranced, suitable for newborns and perfect for keeping your little one looking and feeling their best after bathtime.

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