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Award-Winning Organic Baby Toiletries

Our Gentle Hair & Body Wash is delightfully soft and creamy. It blends moisturising organic coconut oil with soothing organic aloe vera to gently cleanse and nourish your little one’s skin and scalp. Use it as a sensitive baby body wash or a sensitive baby shampoo. It’s pH balanced and not only dermatologically tested but paediatrician approved. And because the eco-friendly bottle contains 100% recycled materials and is fully recyclable, this is a baby body wash that’s kind to skin and the planet! Maybe that’s why it’s scooped up a bunch of skincare awards and is so trusted by parents.

If you’d prefer soap over baby bath wash, then try our lovely Organic Baby Soap. It’s 100% organic and made from moisturising coconut and olive oil with protective shea butter.

We’d also recommend trying our Happy Scalp Cream if your little one is experiencing cradle cap or just needs some scalp TLC! It’s specially formulated to moisturise dry scalps, rebalance scalp microflora, and soothe and smoothe sensitive scalps. As with all Kokoso baby skincare products, it’s packed with nourishing coconut oil and free from nasty chemicals.

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