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Frequently Asked Questions

About Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

What is Kokoso Baby?

Kokoso Baby is the natural baby skincare brand started by a new mum who wanted the very best for her daughter’s super sensitive skin. She discovered the wonders of raw virgin organic coconut oil and became passionate about sharing its many amazing benefits and uses with other parents and their babies. Today, she and her husband have built a multi award-winning range of premium organic coconut oil toiletries packed full of nourishing skincare goodness for their little ones and yours.

What ingredients are in Kokoso Baby Organic Coconut Oil?

Yep you guessed it, Kokoso Baby Organic Coconut Oil uses only one pure, 100% natural ingredient – coconut!

What's the difference between Kokoso Baby and the coconut oil I cook with?

Kokoso Baby is similar to the products you can cook with - however, did you know that no two coconut oils are the same? What makes Kokoso different to others is the premium quality, the purity, the fresh delicate scent, the lightweight texture and the way it so beautifully absorbs into your baby’s skin without leaving them feeling greasy. It’s why we chose it. Kokoso was sourced by a mum for all parents who want the best for their children. We searched the world to find our premium, fresh-pressed, raw, virgin, organic coconut oil – and along the way discovered that no two coconut oils are the same. Read our blog ‘Why Choose Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil’ to learn more, including testimonials from parents who wouldn’t use anything else.

Can I eat your coconut oil?

Kokoso Baby® is 100% edible, natural and organic coconut oil. We like to say it’s safe enough to eat!

Where does Kokoso Baby Organic Coconut Oil come from?

Kokoso Baby Organic Coconut Oil is produced on an ethical family-run, certified-organic farm in Thailand. You’d like it there. The special variety of coconuts used to make our coconut oil grow in some of the oldest coconut orchards in the country. These coconuts are unique to the region they come from, which we like to think makes our little pots even more special. You can read more about this on the ‘About Our Coconut Oil’ page.

How is Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil made?

To take all of the benefits of our premium organic coconuts from the tree to your little one’s skin, Kokoso Baby goes through a very gentle 13-step zero-waste process to ensure it retains all of those nourishing natural nutrients. Our coconut oil is cold-pressed, fresh-pressed and from the first press of the coconuts. No heat or chemicals are used and the end result is an oil of the very highest grade. Something you can trust is the best natural product to care for your little one’s delicate skin.

1. Our premium organic coconuts are lovingly grown for around 12 months on the tree.

2. After being harvested the coconuts mature for a further month to ensure they are packed full of as many amazing natural nutrients as possible.

3. Within three hours of being opened the coconut fruit sets out on the journey to become Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. It is first washed with purified water.

4. Each coconut is then individually hand-checked to ensure it’s as pure and perfect as can be. This is a really important job because if one nut is rotten it can spoil the whole batch.

5. Only the most pristine coconut fruit makes it through to be cleaned three more times with purified water. We’re really thorough and no chemical disinfection is ever used.

6. The squeaky clean coconuts are then shred into tiny pieces.

7. The shredded fruit is squeezed through a muslin cloth.

8. The resulting coconut cream enters our centrifuge where it’s spun at high speed to separate the milk and cream.

9. The cream then goes through our state-of-the-art proprietary process. This unique ultra cold extraction technique was designed by a brainy university professor and is what makes our coconut oil so lightweight and perfect for nourishing delicate baby skin.

10. At this stage we start to see our lovely coconut oil, which is filtered for the very first time.

11. The oil is then spin-filtered a second time to remove any particles that can cause grittiness.

12. It’s then press-filtered a third time to remove any last remaining particles and ensure it is perfectly pure.

13. Kokoso Baby® Organic Coconut Oil is then carefully poured into our recyclable BPA-free packaging and sealed with love to ensure maximum freshness and purity for you and your little one!

What makes Kokoso Baby better than other brands of coconut oil for my baby's skin?

Every coconut oil is different depending on the quality of the coconuts, the climate and conditions in which they grow and of course how the oil itself is made. We are proud to say that our premium organic coconut oil is one of the most respected varieties of coconut oil in the world. Kokoso Baby has been selected for the specific purpose of head-to-toe infant skincare because it’s milder and more lightweight than most other coconut oils yet packed full of amazing skin-loving nutrients, including more than 50% lauric acid.

Kokoso Baby is made from a very special variety of coconuts that are unique to the region in Thailand in which they grow. They mature for around 12 months on the tree and we strictly select each coconut by its colour and the dryness of its skin to ensure it has grown to its optimum maturity and is packed full of those amazing natural nutrients that are so good for your little one.

These special coconuts are made into a coconut oil that is raw, virgin, cold-pressed and organic but also fresh-pressed.

Fresh-pressing the coconut fruit (also known as wet-milling) is very important to us because it results in a light, subtle coconutty fragrance – just like the smell of fresh coconuts when they are first opened. Mmmmmm. When we were testing coconut oils from all over the world we found that many had a sickly sweet, overpowering coconut smell. In contrast, Kokoso Baby® is so fresh and subtle that it doesn’t overwhelm the natural smell of your little one’s skin like other stronger coconut oils can.

Fresh-pressing our coconuts within three hours of opening is also a big deal to us because it means no unnecessary chemicals or excessive heat needs to be used in the production process. Please see ‘What is fresh-pressed coconut oil?’ below for more on this.

Last but by no means least, Kokoso Baby is produced using a unique process developed by a university professor that makes it less dense than other coconut oils. Because it’s a thinner, finer oil it means it can absorb better into delicate skin – and therefore won’t leave you or your baby feeling greasy. Just naturally baby-soft!

What makes Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil so lightweight?

Part of the 13-step process to make Kokoso Baby was designed by a brainy professor to produce a coconut oil that is typically less dense or thinner than other coconut oils. This is a state-of-the art proprietary process that involves ultra cold extraction of the oil.

What is fresh-pressed coconut oil?

Fresh-pressed coconut oil means the coconut fruit is pressed and turned into oil within three hours of the nut being cracked open. On our journey to find the perfect coconut oil for baby skincare we discovered that most producers leave the coconut fruit to dry out in the sunlight or over a fire before pressing it. They do this because dried out coconut (called copra) creates more oil than the fresh coconut, so it’s a more economical way of making coconut oil for the producers. But here at Kokoso Baby it’s more important for us to produce a higher quality oil than a higher yield.

We choose not to dry out our coconuts for two main reasons. Firstly, because the drying time enables bacteria to grow on the fruit so it either needs to be washed with chlorine or treated with high temperatures to kill off any potential nasties (and many of those great natural nutrients along with them). In contrast, because our coconuts are pressed immediately they only ever need to be cleaned with purified water.

Secondly, leaving the coconut fruit to dry out results in a much stronger smelling coconut oil, which isn’t how we like our baby skincare. The amazing subtle fragrance of our coconut oil comes through it being fresh-pressed. This is how our coconuts smell when they are first opened. If you are used to a coconut oil with a strong, sickly sweet, desiccated coconut fragrance, it could mean the coconuts used to produce your oil were dried out or even that an artificial fragrance has been added. Not good.

Is Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil sustainably sourced?

Yes, Kokoso Baby® comes from certified organic coconut orchards that are farmed using sustainable, chemical-free agricultural practices. These are very much like a wild jungle, with pomelo, banana and jackfruit trees growing amongst the coconut palms in a beautifully diverse landscape alive with exotic birds and tropical wildlife. The land is looked after with just a little bit of help from our farmers to ensure we grow the very best coconuts. The surrounding foliage is cut back twice a year and left on the surface along with falling coconut leaves to decompose and become a natural fertilizer. Absolutely no herbicides or pesticides are used and as a result there are many fantastic animals and creatures living on our farms, creating a naturally sustainable environment.

Our family-run producer also operates a zero-waste production policy. It’s one of the reasons we love them so much. You can find out more on the blog!

What does zero-waste mean?

As the name suggests, zero-waste means that absolutely nothing is wasted when making our premium organic coconut oil.

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil comes from the first press of our lovely coconuts. The coconut matter that is left behind is never discarded. Instead, it’s sent to another producer who presses it again to make an inferior grade of coconut oil, which doesn’t contain the natural skin-loving nutrients that are so abundant in Kokoso Baby.

As well as producing our premium organic coconut oil, our farmer has invested in technology to ensure every single part of the coconut is used to make value-added products – including coconut protein powder, coconut cider vinegar, cultured coconut milk and coconut flour.

Even the parts of the coconut that can’t be eaten are used to produce coconut shell charcoal, coconut husk mattresses for local people and coconut peat to help the palm trees grow strong and healthy in the face of climate change. It’s the coconut oil that keeps on giving.

Find out more on our blog.

Is Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil vegan friendly?

Yes, it's 100% vegan coconut oil. No animals are used, exploited or harmed in making this product (we like them too much) meaning it is completely vegan and baby friendly.

What is the consistency of Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil?

Kokoso Baby is a solid white oil at temperatures below 24 degrees – so that’s most of the time here in the UK. It magically melts on contact with warm hands and your little one’s skin. On hot days it will melt in the pot and turn to a clear liquid oil, so be careful when opening the lid to avoid spills. It will reset to a solid oil when cool again.

Does it affect the quality of the oil if it melts and resets?

Not at all. Kokoso Baby retains all of its magical moisturising powers, whatever the consistency.

Where should I store my pot of Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil?

Keep your pot close by so you and your little one can benefit from its skin-loving goodness whenever needed. The only thing we recommend is keeping it out of direct sunlight and away from warm radiators. If you prefer applying your Kokoso Baby as a solid oil on hot days when it melts, you can happily store it in the fridge. In fact, it’s particularly soothing on sun-kissed skin or chicken pox when applied fridge-cold!


Is Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil safe to use on my baby from birth?

Yes, our coconut oil is safe to use on your little one’s skin from day one. We always recommend carrying out a patch test on a small area of skin if it’s your first Kokoso Baby experience.

My baby sucks her hands and feet. Is Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil safe to use on those areas?

Kokoso Baby is 100% pure, natural and organic coconut oil, which is safe to apply from head to tiny toe even if your little one sucks their hands and feet.

In fact, breastfeeding mums can even use Kokoso Baby as a natural nipple cream thanks to its amazing healing properties – and there’s no need to wash it off before nursing.

Can I use Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil on my child's face?

Yes, Kokoso is gentle enough to use even on a newborn’s face. We always recommend a skin patch test first and remember that a little goes a long way.

Can I use Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil on my own body?

Absolutely! In fact our premium organic coconut oil will benefit the whole family’s skin, whatever your age. Our 97-year-old Great Grandmother is one of Kokoso’s biggest fans.

Kokoso is the ideal natural body moisturiser if you’re breastfeeding or enjoying skin-to-skin contact with your little one.

Read our blog post 'Coconut Oil Beauty Benefits' for our top tips!

What should I do if my little one has a reaction to Kokoso Baby?

Allergic reactions to coconuts and coconut oil are rare. Please carry out a patch test on a small area of your baby’s skin before applying the oil for the first time. See our guide on how to do a patch test. If your little one does have a reaction to our products, such as a rash or blistering, stop using immediately and wash the area with water. If the symptoms do not improve please consult your GP.

Can I use coconut oil for skincare if I have a nut allergy?

Don’t be fooled by the name. Coconut is a member of the palm family, which is not related to nuts or peanuts. Coconuts are classified as a fruit. While allergic reactions to coconut have been documented, most people who are allergic to tree nuts can safely eat coconut. Please consult your doctor if you’re unsure and always carry out a patch test on a small area of skin before using Kokoso Baby® products for the first time.

Can I use Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil when breastfeeding?

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is completely safe to use as a body moisturiser and nipple cream if you are nursing your baby. It’s packed full of amazing natural antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to prevent dry nipples and allow sore nipples to heal while keeping them safe from infection. And because Kokoso is completely pure, natural and organic, there’s no need to wash it off before next feeding your little one.

Can I use Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil during pregnancy?

Our coconut oil is completely safe to use as a body and bump moisturiser during pregnancy. In fact, there couldn’t be a more natural way to keep your growing tummy soft and supple. The nourishing fatty acids and Vitamin E will help to keep stretched skin soft, supple and elasticated, and can aid in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

How to use our coconut oil

What can Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil be used for?

Our 100% natural multi-tasking wonder oil can be used daily as a deeply moisturising body butter, nourishing baby massage oil and soothing bottom balm. But there are so many other parent-saving uses too. Try it on dry skin, flaky scalps, dribble rash, sore noses, chappped cheeks, toddlers scrapes and grazes, as an after-sun for the whole family, to keep baby’s creases and rolls fresh and healthy, to help remove the first meconium poo and so much more!

How should I apply?

A little goes a long way. We recommend applying a thin layer, which should absorb quickly and easily into the skin. If your baby continues to feel oily or greasy then you may be using too much.

How often should I apply Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil?

It’s perfectly fine to apply Kokoso regularly throughout the day if needed. For instance, it can be used as a bottom balm at every nappy change or to nourish and hydrate dry skin at several intervals. Remember that a little goes a long way.

How can I introduce Kokoso Baby into my own skin and beauty routine?

As well as being the most gentle, natural and effective way to moisturise, nourish and protect your little one’s skin, Kokoso Baby® can work wonders for your own skin and hair too. Why not try it as a body moisturiser, after-sun lotion, after- shave cream, foot rub, massage oil, pregnancy tummy rub, face cleanser, makeup remover, lip balm, eye cream, hair mask and for strong healthy nails. Check out our coconut oil beauty tips blog for more.

What's the difference between the Coconut Oil and the Kokoso Balm Stick?

Our coconut oil is just one pure ingredient – 100% premium
organic raw virgin coconut oil specially selected for infant skincare.

Our balm stick is a blend of 100% natural ingredients - coconut
oil, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, carnauba wax and lavender oil (if you opt for the fragranced version).

The balm stick has a thicker consistency so it creates a protective barrier on the skin, whereas the coconut oil is very lightweight and absorbs well into the skin.

They are both 100% certified organic, multipurpose products
that are useful in different ways:

The balm stick is very handy to take out and about with you, as you can quickly and easily swipe it onto baby’s skin (or your own) whenever needed. It’s perfect as a baby lip balm, for dribble rash, red cheeks, sore noses when they have a cold etc, and for spot-treating any dry skin or eczema patches.   

The coconut oil can be used as an all-over body moisturiser, for baby massage, as a natural nappy balm, for cradle cap etc.

Another key difference between the two products is a practical
one - the melting point. On really warm days (above 24 degrees) the coconut oil melts to a liquid (so remember to open it upright to avoid spills and keep it in the fridge during a heatwave!).

The balm stick has a much higher melting point so it’s ideal for holidays and can be kept safely in your bag all summer long.

We love them both!

My baby has cradle cap - should I buy the Coconut Oil or the Happy Scalp Cream?

Our Coconut Oil is a multipurpose product that can be used for lots of things, from scalp care to nappy rash to baby massage and more. We do receive amazing reviews from parents who use it on baby's cradle cap.

Our Happy Scalp Cream is formulated specifically to treat the scalp and it contains a blend of
natural ingredients including Celery Seed Extract. This is a natural active
proven to reduce sebum production, strengthen peeling skin and balance the scalp microflora.

If you’re looking for a product specifically for baby’s scalp, we’d recommend our Happy Scalp Cream.

Kokoso Protect

What is Kokoso Protect?

Kokoso Protect is the new eco-sanitiser range brought to you by the mum and dad behind Kokoso Baby. We have always been passionate about creating safe, eco-friendly, effective products - and this is precisely what we offer with our new Foaming Hand Sanitiser and Disinfect Spray.

What are the ingredients?

Kokoso Protect is a unique, patented formulation that harnesses the strong biocidal properties of natural ingredients that are non-toxic, suitable for sensitive skin and kind on the environment.

The formula is water-based with three main ingredients: organic acids, a preservative and a surfactant.

Our Foaming Hand Sanitiser also uses natural compounds known to reduce inflammation, aid rejuvenation and provide an invisible barrier for broken or irritated skin. 

Is the Hand Sanitiser for children?

Our Foaming Hand Sanitiser is suitable for children from age 1 upwards. It is also dermatologically tested and certified suitable for sensitive skin.

Is the Disinfectant Spray safe around children?

Yes. The Kokoso Protect Disinfectant Spray can be used by families with little ones to sanitise everything from your child's high chair to their tablet and toys. It has no toxic fumes and does not need to be rinsed off before touching or dining from surfaces.

Is the Disinfectant Spray food safe?

Yes. The Kokoso Protect Disinfectant Spray can be used to sanitise dining areas, food preparation surfaces, high chairs, fridges and the kitchen table, with no need to rinse off before touching surfaces or dining.

How do the products keep on killing germs?

Kokoso Protect works by breaking down the cell membranes of pathogens. It kills 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.999% of viruses. But the hard work doesn’t stop there! It continues to protect your home and family by creating a long-lasting residual shield barrier against germs. This will safe-guard against microbes that come into contact with hands for up to 4 hours, and on surfaces for up to 24 hours! 

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