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Our Coconut Oil

coconut oil kokoso baby

About our coconut oil

Kokoso Baby® is the purest cold-pressed raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for infant skincare. Loaded with amazing natural nutrients, with nothing stripped away through processing or added to dilute its purity, our multi award-winning coconut oil hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with in any way.

Every part of making Kokoso Baby® is chemical-free and heat-free. And our gentle fresh-pressed extraction technique means it not only smells of the most beautiful fresh coconut but it retains all of its amazing natural goodness and nothing nasty gets in. Just how we like it.

Chosen by a very picky mum

In our quest to find the perfect coconut oil, we rejected countless varieties from around the world.
We’re proud to say Kokoso Baby® ticks all the following boxes!

✔︎ Ultra lightweight and non-greasy
✔︎ The purest white coconut oil
✔︎ High in healing lauric acid, skin-loving nutrients and moisturising fatty acids
✔︎ A finer, silkier, softer texture
✔︎ Absorbs beautifully into skin
✔︎ Delicate scent of freshly cracked coconuts

Many of the other varieties we tested had an overpowering or sickly-sweet aroma,
were yellow in colour and felt greasy or gritty on our baby’s skin. Not good!

How we make our premium organic coconut oil


Each pot contains the natural skincare goodness of three happy coconuts!

We choose our coconuts carefully

Kokoso Baby® uses only the finest organic coconuts that come from some
of the oldest coconut trees in Thailand. They grow for around 12 months using
sustainable, certified-organic farming methods on our ethical family-run farm.
The variety of coconut we use is only found in this region of Thailand –
which we like to think makes our products all the more special.

After being cracked open, our magical coconuts are carefully hand-checked
and each piece is individually smelt to ensure it’s as perfect as can be. If there’s any discolouration or imperfection, it’s set aside to be made into an inferior coconut oil (nothing is wasted). Only the purest coconut makes it into Kokoso Baby®.

The coconut then goes through a very gentle process to keep in all of the
goodness for your baby’s skin. This all happens in state-of-the-art facilities that are inspected, evaluated and approved according to US and EU regulations. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


Cold-pressed, fresh-pressed and from the first press

Kokoso Baby® comes from the first press of the coconuts (making it a virgin oil) and we don’t use any chemicals,
chlorine or heat. It’s also fresh-pressed (sometimes referred to as wet-pressed or wet-milled), which means we use
only the freshest coconut pressed within three hours of being cracked open.

Incidentally, many other varieties of coconut oil use copra, which is coconut that’s left to dry out in the sunlight or
over a fire. During this time bacteria can fester, which means the copra needs to be washed with chlorine, to kill off
any germs before being pressed for oil. To ensure the freshness and purity of Kokoso Baby®, we skip this part
completely. This means our coconuts only ever need to be cleaned with purified water, and it gives our oil a much
fresher and more delicate natural scent compared to more pungent varieties that overpower the smell of baby’s skin.


Approved by an extra brainy professor

A vital part of the clever, coconut-friendly method used to make Kokoso Baby® was designed by a brainy professor. This ultra-cold extraction technique creates an oil that’s less dense (more lightweight) than others. Unique to Kokoso Baby®, this process is a crucial part of what makes our coconut oil so perfect for infant skincare, as its nourishing natural nutrients absorb quicker without leaving your little ones feeling greasy.

Light, non-greasy and quick to absorb


Triple filtered

At the very end of the process, Kokoso Baby® is filtered not once but three times to make sure it’s perfectly
pure and crystal clear. We use spin-filtering and press-filtering before filling our perfect little pots and sealing
them for freshness.

From the tree to your baby, a huge amount of care goes into making our premium quality coconut oil for
your family’s skin. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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