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10 Good Reasons to Choose Kokoso Baby Skincare

Can't decide whether Kokoso Baby is the best baby skincare brand for your little one? Here are 10 very good reasons to choose our gentle, natural r...
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FAQ: Is there a difference between the coconut oil and balm stick?

Can't decide between our pure organic coconut oil and baby balm stick? Here we explain the key differences between these two much-loved, multi-use ...

Cradle Cap: Happy Scalp Cream or Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil?

FAQ: What's the difference between Kokoso's Happy Scalp Cream and Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil? 

What products are good for teenage skin?

If you’ve a young teen or tween at home, you might have noticed an alarming new obsession with skincare. Here are some ideas for a healthy and gent...

How To Layer Kokoso Skincare Products

One important aspect of baby skincare that often gets overlooked is the order in which you apply the products. In this blog post, we'll guide you t...

Planet-friendly refills

Shop Kokoso Baby refills here   Here at Kokoso, we've always been committed to the environment and we strive to make our natural baby skincare pro...

Why choose organic skincare for baby?

Here at Kokoso, we believe organic baby skincare not only gives your little one the healthiest start - it's better for the world they'll grow up in...

Natural Skincare For Babies

It’s our instinct to nourish and protect our babies; there's nothing more scrumptious or delicate than their baby-soft newborn skin. Did you know ...

Coconut Oil Beauty Benefits

It's #notjustforbabies! Read our top tips on using Kokoso's ultra light organic coconut oil in your natural beauty and skincare routine.

Best Baby Skincare Range - Bronze in the 2024 Mother & Baby Awards

Picture this: a ball room filled with excited parents, entrepreneurs and some of the biggest brands in the baby industry. Yes, it's the prestigious...

Benefits of coconut oil

This 100% natural wonder oil is packed with essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that are highly beneficial for baby skincare. 

Why Choose Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil?

What makes Kokoso the best coconut oil for your baby? In this blog post, we discuss why our multi award-winning organic baby coconut oil - specia...
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