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Lotion, balm or oil? When to use them and which is best for your baby.

Here at Kokoso Baby, each of our three skincare heroes is award-winning and each suitable from newborn upwards, including little ones with sensitiv...
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Cradle cap

According to the NHS, cradle cap ‘is a harmless skin condition that is common in babies.’ In fact, it affects around two third of babies and the go...

Our top tips for bathing your baby and keeping their skin happy

Giving your baby a bath can be an amazing bonding experience, but we know how nerve-wracking it can be when they’re so small and fragile! Here are ...

Kokoso Protect is effective against norovirus

As social distancing restrictions have been lifted, we have started to see unusually high numbers of norovirus outbreaks currently circulating in ...

Kokoso Baby softens up the Dragons

We said we never would. As an ordinary mum and dad who don’t normally seek out the limelight, it was at the bottom of our ‘ways to build the ...

Numbers matter. Why a 99.999% kill rate makes a big difference to your health and hygiene.

A 99.9% vs 99.999% kill rate makes a big difference to your health and hygiene standards. Really? Surely both do the job just fine? Well, not exac...

Hands down the best sanitiser for children!

How does our no alcohol hand sanitiser compare to standard alcohol gels? (Spoiler: it's 100 times better!)

Kokoso Baby: Best Natural Baby Brand 2021 - Finalist!

Kokoso Baby is super proud to scoop 7 fantastic awards in The Beauty Shortlist 2021 Baby Awards! 

Why we use allergen-free fragrance in our baby skincare

Our dreamy, allergen-free, 100% natural fragrance.

My baby was born with Ichthyosis

Mum Emily Whalley shares her experience of Ichthyosis and how Kokoso Baby products have helped her son's skin.

The benefits of coconut oil shampoo for baby

  Coconut oil is beneficial in shampoo for babies, children and grown-ups too!   Here at Kokoso Baby®, we use cold-pressed organic coconut oil as ...

Working with The Duchess of Cambridge to support vulnerable families

Kokoso Baby is thrilled to be working with the Duchess of Cambridge to help support the most vulnerable families in the UK. We are extremely...