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Cradle Cap: Happy Scalp Cream or Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil?

Cradle Cap: Happy Scalp Cream or Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil?

Q: My baby has cradle cap. What's the difference between your Happy Scalp Cream and Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil? 

A: Great question! Our premium organic baby coconut oil is a multipurpose product that can be used in many different ways to care for baby's skin - from scalp care to nappy rash to baby massage and more. We're proud to receive amazing reviews on our coconut oil helping with cradle cap.

Our Happy Scalp Cream is formulated specifically for the scalp and contains a blend of natural ingredients including organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera and celery seed extract. Celery seed is a natural active proven to reduce sebum (oil) production, strengthen peeling skin and balance the scalp microflora.

If you’re looking for a product specifically for baby’s scalp, opt for our Happy Scalp Cream

If you're looking for a great all-rounder that will be useful in so many different ways, opt for Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Our Sensitive Scalp Set contains both of these products, along with our natural baby hairbrush. This super cute wooden brush is made with natural boar bristles and is wonderful for not only brushing your child's delicate hair, but also gently massaging the scalp after you've applied the coconut oil or Happy Scalp Cream. This will help to lift off dry skin, flakes and scales.

How to use coconut oil to massage and condition baby's scalp 

Coconut oil is great for giving your little one a regular head massage. This will condition the scalp and nourish the hair, helping to keep dry skin, flakes and scales at bay.

Apply the oil gently to the scalp using circular motions to softly massage your child. We advise leaving the oil to work its natural magic for at least half an hour - or overnight for a more intensive treatment.

Next, take our natural hairbrush and use the bristles to gently massage baby's scalp. This will help to lift off any dead skin that the oil has loosened. You can then wash baby's hair as normal with our Gentle Hair & Body Wash.

Repeat the process whenever necessary. It's a lovely way to pamper your little one with a nourishing and relaxing head massage - perfect as part of the bedtime routine! 

How to use the Happy Scalp Cream to treat baby's scalp

For quickest results, apply the Happy Scalp Cream twice a day - morning and evening. Allow the cream to remain on your baby's scalp for as long as possible. This gives the natural ingredients time to actively benefit the scalp.

Read our full guide and your FAQs on How to Use our Happy Scalp Cream.  

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