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FAQ: Is there a difference between the coconut oil and balm stick?

FAQ: Is there a difference between the coconut oil and balm stick?

We're often asked what the difference is between Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil and our Baby-Soft Balm Stick. Read on if you'd like to know too! 

Our multi award-winning baby coconut oil is just one pure ingredient – 100% premium organic raw virgin coconut oil specially selected for infant skincare.

Our magical multipurpose baby balm stick is a blend of 100% natural ingredients - coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, olive oil, carnauba wax (and lavender oil if you opt for the fragranced version).


The balm stick has a thicker consistency so it creates a protective, soothing barrier on skin, whereas the coconut oil is incredibly lightweight and melts beautifully into skin to moisturise, calm and condition. Because they perform in different ways on the skin, you can happily layer the balm stick over the coconut oil - which is particularly beneficial for very dry skin. 

100% organic

They are both 100% certified organic, multi-use products that are beneficial in so many different ways...


The twist-up balm stick is super handy to take out and about with you. Keep it in your pocket or changing bag so you can quickly and easily swipe it onto baby’s skin (or your own) whenever needed. It’s perfect as a:

  • baby lip balm
  • for dribble rash
  • red cheeks
  • cold weather protection 
  • soothing sore noses when they have a cold
  • spot-treating dry skin or eczema patches
  • applying to stings, scrapes and grazes

The pure coconut oil is also incredibly versatile and can be used as:

  • an all-over body moisturiser
  • for baby massage
  • as a natural nappy balm
  • for cradle cap
  • baby acne
  • eczema-prone skin 
  • hair care

Melting point

Another key difference between the two products is a practical one - the melting point. On really warm days (above 24 degrees) coconut oil melts to a liquid (so remember to open it upright to avoid spills and keep it in the fridge during a heatwave!). The balm stick has a much higher melting point so it’s ideal for holidays and can be kept safely in your bag all year long, come rain or shine! 

I love both products and use them both daily! I always have a balm stick on me and I'm addicted to using it as a lip balm. I use the coconut oil every night as a gentle cleanser to remove makeup. Yes, that's right mamas, our products are not just for babies. Read our coconut oil beauty tips here!    


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