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Baby massage with Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

How To Massage A Baby with Kokoso Skincare

The benefits of coconut oil for baby massage

We love Kokoso Baby for oodles of reasons. Not least because it’s the perfect natural oil to use for baby massage.

While you and your little one enjoy some extra special bonding time, our premium cold-pressed raw virgin organic coconut oil will be hard at work nourishing and moisturising their delicate skin.

Ideal for sensitive skin, Kokoso’s silky lightweight texture will help your hands to glide smoothly across their body. Packed with natural vitamin E and moisturising fatty acids – including more than 50% lauric acid, a magical healing agent also found in breast milk – Kokoso has a fresh and mild coconutty fragrance that doesn’t overpower the natural smell of you or your baby.

So whether you want to help your bubba relax before bedtime, encourage longer sleep (yes please!), relieve the discomfort of wind, colic or constipation, or just spend some quality time getting to know the amazing human being you made – grab a pot of our award-winning multitasking wonder oil and let the skin-loving commence!

But don’t just take our word for it. We’re proud to supply a number of baby massage classes around the country…

“Being a Baby Massage instructor but also a skin therapist, I wanted to offer only the very best for my mums & babies. After lots of research & trying dozens of brands, nothing compares to the wonder oil that is Kokoso. All my parents love the oil and leave class with a beautifully soft coconutty baby & usually a tub of Kokoso for home!”

— Kora Lavarello, Blossoming Touch

“We use Kokoso in all my baby massage classes. All of the mums love it!”

— Nichola Caughey, Founder of Baby Bunnies Massage Classes

“My baby massage teacher personally recommended Kokoso Baby to me and it has been fabulous for my four-week-old daughter’s dry skin. I also love it for myself and my almost 3-year-old son!”

— Kate Collins

Our baby massage instructions:

Set up camp on the floor with a towel and a pot of the wonder stuff. Scoop out a little of the solid coconut oil and warm it in your hands to soften. Remember, a little Kokoso goes a long way.


Wrap your hands around one of those scrummy thighs and apply a little bit of pressure as you move each hand down to the foot, one after another.


Being ever so gentle, rotate your baby’s feet a few times in each direction. Then try stroking the top of the foot from ankle to Koko-toes. Finally, move your thumb in a circular motion all around those oh-so soft soles.


Just like you did with those gorgeous little legs, gently wrap your hands around your baby’s arms and lightly run them down from armpit to the hands.

Top product, effortless glide and small amounts go a long way leaving skin soft but not greasy. Would recommend it to any other masseuse.”

— Hannah Wells (Physiotherapist and Sports Masseuse)


Softly rotate the wrist a few times before tracing little circles of love on their palms.


Gently place both of your hands flat on the chest and lightly stroke outwards. Then put one of your hands flat across the top of the chest and gently stroke downwards towards the thighs. Do this with both of your hands, one after the other.


From the top to the bottom of their beautiful back, trace tiny circles with your fingertips on either side of the spine. Then carry out some long, gentle but firm strokes from shoulders to feet.

“I can see my son visibly relax when I take the top off and he smells Kokoso.”

— Mother & Baby Awards Tester

The benefits of baby massage

Studies have shown that baby massage may reduce post-natal depression and can strengthen the bond between you and your baby. How? It’s all to do with the power of touch, eye contact, the sound of your voice, your unique smell and the release of that magic hormone, oxytocin.

All of the senses work together to create a wonderfully warm and loving experience for you and your little one. It’s the stuff sweet dreams are made of…  Enjoy. x

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil come in two convenient sizes. Buy the bigger 168g pot at Boots stores nationwide or both sizes right here on our website.

Kokoso Baby is a premium raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for head-to-toe infant skincare. It hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with. We’ve simply left all of its amazing natural nutrients to do the important job of nourishing your little one’s skin.

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