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Scalp Care

Your baby’s scalp is one of the most delicate parts of their tiny body. This super sensitive area of skin is susceptible to everything from cradle cap to dryness and hyperseborrhea (over oiliness).

If your little one has an unhappy scalp, our gentle natural products are here to help you care for them without harsh or irritating chemicals. 

Happy Scalp Cream™

Our gentle, calming scalp cream blends nourishing organic coconut oil, soothing organic aloe vera and naturally active celery seed extract. It helps to soothe irritation, strengthen peeling skin and reduce sebum production – restoring a happier, healthier-looking head by balancing your baby’s scalp microflora. 

Tips: For best results apply twice daily (morning and evening) for as long as required. The lightweight cream is easily applied through a twist nozzle, helping you treat the areas where it’s needed most. It can also be applied to baby’s eyebrows and forehead. Remember, a little goes a long way! 

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Kokoso Baby® Coconut Oil

Packed with scalp-loving nutrients as well as soothing anti-microbial and antibacterial properties, our premium organic coconut oil is the perfect way to replenish and restore moisture to sensitive, dry or flaky scalps.

Tips: Treat your baby to a regular coconut oil head massage to help keep their scalp in great condition. A gentle scalp massage will also encourage them to settle before napping or bedtime.

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Gentle Hair & Body Wash

Our Gentle Hair & Body Wash will not only cleanse your baby’s body and hair, but also care for their delicate scalp. The nourishing formula is made with moisturising organic coconut oil and soothing organic aloe vera, both celebrated for their fantastic scalp-healing properties.  

Tips: Create a soft lather in your hands before gently massage baby’s scalp with our kind coconutty bubbles. The high level of coconut oil in our wash will help prevent baby’s scalp from becoming dry or irritated at bathtime.

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Natural Baby Hairbrush

Our beautiful wooden hairbrush for babies and toddlers uses soft yet firm natural boar bristles, which are ideal for gently massaging your little one’s delicate scalp. This will gently exfoliate baby’s scalp, removing loose flakes and dry skin the natural way.

Tips: Apply our nourishing coconut oil first for the ultimate baby head massage! 

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Sensitive Scalp Set

Our Sensitive Scalp Set contains three award-winning Kokoso Baby® products designed to care for and nourish your baby’s delicate scalp. 

• Happy Scalp Cream™
• Kokoso Baby® Coconut Oil
• Natural Baby Brush 

Tips: Our pure organic coconut oil is perfect for pampering your little one with a regular scalp massage. Our Natural Baby Brush is ideal for gently massaging and softly lifting dry flakes from baby’s scalp. Apply our Happy Scalp Cream™ twice a day to maintain a balanced scalp microflora and healthier-looking head.

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