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12 uses for 12 months – Kokoso Baby through their first year

12 uses for 12 months – Kokoso Baby through their first year

There’s nothing like the soft squish of newborn skin. Skin so delicate and pure, we long to wrap it up and protect it forever. Kokoso Baby was created to do just that – shielding perfect young skin from the roughness of everyday life post-womb.

With its nourishing natural nutrients and moisturising fatty acids, our silky soft baby coconut oil offers the complete reassurance of being 100% natural and free from nasty chemicals – and is so versatile it will last you long passed the newborn days.

Here are 12 uses for our multitasking wonder oil through your little one’s first 12 months:

Newborn Baby with Kokoso Coconut Oil

1. Pre-poop balm

Put Kokoso to work as soon as your precious bundle arrives. Our premium organic coconut oil makes a brilliant pre-poop balm – protecting freshly birthed bottoms from the challenging first nappy change. Meconium (baby’s first poo) is notoriously sticky and hard to clean off; Kokoso helps the tar-like substance slide off without the hefty wiping usually required.


2. Newborn baby peel

Skin flaking or baby peel is completely normal and can occur on any part of your little one’s body. The outer layer of skin often begins to shed within one to three weeks of birth, depending on whether your baby was premature, delivered on time or overdue. It’s absolutely fine to leave this to go away on its own or you can use a little Kokoso to gently moisturise and nourish the flaking skin.


3. Head-to-toe body butter

Throughout your baby’s first year Kokoso can be applied daily as a deeply moisturising body butter – from head to bottom to tiny toes. Our pure organic formula makes a supremely gentle gift to young skin as it adjusts to the world around it, helping to keep your little one feeling baby-soft as they grow and smelling divine.


Baby creases and rolls


4. Bottom balm

From the very first days, apply Kokoso as part of your nappy changing routine. It’s packed full of organic skincare goodness to help keep this sensitive and susceptible area fresh, happy and squidgy soft – the natural way.


5. Baby massage oil

We could rave on about baby massage for hours! It’s perfect for settling your bubba at bedtime, easing the discomfort of colic, constipation and wind – plus it’s a gorgeous way to bond with your little bundle. Kokoso’s silky lightweight texture will help your hands softly glide across their body, nourishing, moisturising and pampering their skin at the same time.


6. Dry skin softener

Baby skin is three to five time thinner than our own and is much more prone to dryness. As well as using Kokoso as a daily after-bath moisturiser, rubbing in a pea-size amount of our nourishing wonder oil throughout the day will help to quench and smooth their dry, rough patches. A good rule of thumb is to do this at every nappy change.


Baby with Kokoso Coconut Oil


7. Natural skin cleanser

Water and baby wipes can often irritate or dry out sensitive skin – especially when it’s already sore. Luckily Kokoso can be used as a gentle and effective skin cleanser too. Use a clean cotton pad to wipe the oil over your little one’s face, body or nappy area, replacing with a new pad for different parts of the body to leave skin clean, comforted and coconutty.


8. Scalp and hair conditioner

Dry flaking skin is a common sight on the heads of little folk. Gently apply a thin layer of Kokoso to replenish and restore moisture to the scalp, repeating as necessary. Our nutrient-rich organic baby oil can also work wonders to condition and nourish delicate hair. It’s a great natural way to care for curly young locks too.


9. For baby’s creases and rolls

Baby rolls are the best! But as cute and cuddly as they may be, your little one’s skin folds and creases can often become hot and bothered. Make sure you gently pat these areas dry after bathtime and smooth on a little Kokoso to help keep the susceptible skin fresh and happy.


Kokoso Coconut Oil open pot


10. Natural after-sun

During the summer months, ensure your baby’s skin is well protected with a high SPF lotion, always seek out the shade and keep everyone well hydrated. At the end of the day, you can use Kokoso as a natural after-sun for not only your little one but the whole family too. Its nourishing natural nutrients can work wonders to restore, replenish and rehydrate sun-kissed skin.


11. Winter skin saviour

Baby skin can really suffer during the winter months; dried out by cold winds and central heating. Free from water, which can freeze in the coldest of weather, Kokoso adds a protective emollient layer to little cheeks, chins, noses and foreheads – just as important as those adorable snowsuits – whilst also nourishing already weathered skin with its amazing natural nutrients and vitamin E.


12. Post-swim moisturiser

First swimming sessions are priceless; little toes splashing, little faces beaming! But exposure to chlorine can take its toll on our water babies. Use Kokoso as a full body moisturiser post-splash to promote naturally soft, supple and healthy skin.

How would you benefit from using Kokoso right now? We’d love to know!



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