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Autumn Skincare

Autumn Skincare

As temperatures drop, winds pick up and the central heating clicks on, October is the time to start preparing your baby’s skin for the harsh winter months ahead.

Of course, there’s nothing as magical as playing in the beautiful autumn leaves with your little one. But the changing seasons can see your baby’s skin start to suffer from loss of moisture, wind burn, scaly red cheeks and chapped lips. To say nothing of the drying effects of returning to a hot centrally heated home!

Luckily, Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is packed with moisturising fatty acids and skin-conditioning natural nutrients that sink in deep to help keep baby’s skin looking and feeling its baby-soft best, whatever the weather.

We recommend applying our organic wonder oil every day, from head to tiny toes, paying particular attention to little noses, cheeks, chin and lips before and after heading outdoors to crunch in the beautiful autumn leaves.

And after a naturally nourishing bathtime with Kokoso Baby Hair & Body Wash, a gentle coconutty massage will not only help to settle your little one before bedtime, it will also enable all of those amazing natural skincare properties to work their moisturising magic overnight.

Ready to do it all again the next day!

Have you tried Kokoso Baby yet? We’d love to hear what you think…

Kokoso Baby is a premium quality raw virgin organic coconut oil specially selected for head-to-toe infant skincare. It hasn’t been refined, bleached, deodorised or tinkered with. We’ve simply left all of its amazing natural nutrients to do the important job of moisturising your little one’s skin.

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