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Autumn Skincare

Baby Skincare in the Colder Months

As temperatures drop, winds pick up and the central heating clicks on, autumn is the time to start preparing your baby’s skin for the harsh winter months ahead.

Of course, there’s nothing as magical as playing in the beautiful autumn leaves with your little one. But the changing seasons can see your baby’s skin start to suffer from loss of moisture, eczema flare ups, wind burn, scaly red cheeks and chapped lips. To say nothing of the drying effects of returning to a hot centrally heated home!

Luckily, Kokoso Baby products are packed with moisturising fatty acids and skin-conditioning natural nutrients that sink in deep to help keep baby’s skin looking and feeling its baby-soft best, whatever the weather.


Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil comes in two sizes


Wrap them up in coconut goodness

Ultra lightweight and non-greasy, Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil is an ideal base layer of hydration that can be applied from top to bottom to tiny toes. Use little and often to help keep skin soft, soothed and health-looking through autumn and winter. 


Kokoso Baby Lotion


Support the natural skin barrier

Made with skin barrier boosting plant sugars, our fast-absorbing Coconut Oil Baby Lotion actively strengthens the skin barrier and locks in more moisture than your average baby lotion to keep skin soft, soft, soft! Apply daily to build long-term support for your baby's skin barrier through the winter.  


Kokoso Baby-Soft Balm Stick cold weather protection


Nourish and protect 

Named 'best multi-tasker for mummy's handbag' by Beauty Shortlist, our vitamin-rich Baby-Soft Balm Stick glides onto skin forming a soothing barrier against wind, dribble and the elements. For a thicker protective barrier, apply several layers. 





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