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Best Baby Skincare Range - Bronze in the 2024 Mother & Baby Awards

Best Baby Skincare Range - Bronze in the 2024 Mother & Baby Awards

Picture this: a ball room filled with excited parents, entrepreneurs and some of the biggest brands in the baby industry. Yes, it's the prestigious 2024 Mother & Baby Awards - now in its 30th year - where the crème de la crème of baby products are celebrated and honoured. And guess who just won the bronze medal for the Best Baby Skincare Range? Drumroll, please... Kokoso!

What's all the fuss about?

If you haven't tried Kokoso, we're a small family-run brand that's been making waves in the baby skincare world with our range of gentle, organic and eco-friendly products. From nourishing moisturisers to soothing baby bath products, we've been winning hearts (and awards) since 2014 with our commitment to keeping babies' delicate skin soft, happy and healthy.

Why is Kokoso a cut above the rest?

Well, for starters, our products are made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients. No nasties, no harsh preservatives and definitely no questionable substances. Just pure, wholesome goodness for your little one's skin. And let's not forget our secret ingredient: our premium raw virgin organic coconut oil.

The mum and dad behind Kokoso spent a long time searching for the perfect, purest, highest quality coconut oil for babies – a premium, ethically made product that parents can trust is packed full of amazing nourishing nutrients, smells divine and absorbs better into baby’s delicate skin to work its soothing, nourishing magic. 

What sets Kokoso apart?

Aside from our commitment to using the finest natural ingredients for baby's skin, Kokoso believes in protecting the world our little ones grow up in too. From our cruelty-free, zero-waste coconuts to our sustainable, recyclable and post-consumer recycled packaging solutions, we’re serious about ensuring our products are not just kind to your family’s skin but also the planet. 

We also donate products to support vulnerable families across the UK and contribute to climate-positive UN projects across the globe. So when you choose Kokoso, you're not just pampering your little one's skin, you're also making a positive impact on the world.

What did the parent testers have to say?

"I didn't think it was possible to admire a baby wash this much!"

"We've been looking for the perfect products... we've found them."

"The balm stick is amazing for preventing dry and rashy skin."

"I'd 100% recommend Kokoso and plan to keep using them."

"I understand the care that has gone into these products. I really love them."

"I particularly liked the Happy Scalp Cream as this really helped with my little boy's cradle cap. "

"All the products are great, I’ve really enjoyed using them with our child. His skin is so well moisturised and so smooth and soft now, and he smells amazing."

Tried and trusted! 

Not only were we thrilled to take home one of the most coveted awards in the baby industry, we were also humbled by the amazing comments from real parents who tried, tested and fell in love with our trusted coconut goodness. It's a win for everyone!

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