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Best Hand Sanitiser For Sensitive Skin

Best Hand Sanitiser For Sensitive Skin

Scientifically proven protection

Great news, mums and dads! You no longer have to rely on harsh, drying alcohol sanitisers to kill germs and protect your hands and family!

Kokoso Protect is tested to the same EN standards as alcohol-based sanitisers and proven to even more effective! 



Performs better, lasts longer

Our 99.999% kill rate is 100 times more effective than a standard alcohol sanitiser's 99.9% kill rate.

And unlike alcohol-based sanitisers that evaporate quickly, Kokoso Protect creates a barrier on hands that keeps killing germs for up to 4 hours between uses - which is hugely reassuring when your little ones are heading into soft play, the shops or the park!  


No more sore hands

Our fabulous foaming formula is pleasant to use and doesn't cause the dryness associated with harsh alcohol sanitisers.

It's approved for use by all the family from age one upwards, making it the perfect hand sanitiser for children

Dermatologically tested and clinically approved for sensitive skin, it contains natural compounds known to smooth and soften skin. 

Safe and kinder

Because our formula is 100% biodegradable and water-based, it doesn't contain dangerous flammable ingredients so you don't need to be store it away from high temperatures and flames, as you do with alcohol gels. This is something to be really mindful of at BBQs and in hot cars during the summer! 

We're sure you agree, Kokoso Protect is hands down the best product out there for protecting hands from germs! 

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