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Kokoso Baby organic coconut brand for baby skin and hair

How To Layer Kokoso Skincare Products

Kokoso Baby coconut moisturiser for baby


They're all award-winning and all packed with natural skin-nourishing goodness. But how should you layer our three skincare heroes in order to boost moisture and protect your baby's skin? 


Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil for baby hair and skin


Layer 1: Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Uses: From flaky feet to dry scalps, the benefits are practically endless. Our premium organic coconut oil is ideal as an everyday moisturiser or massage oil but can also be applied as a topical ointment for red rashes, baby acne and skin irritations.

Tips for layering: This feather light oil sinks in quickly and nourishes deeply, so is best applied as a base layer of hydration. Allow the moisturising fatty acids and natural nutrients to absorb before applying our lotion or balm stick on top. 


Kokoso Baby Lotion for baby eczema and dry skin patches


Layer 2: Coconut Oil Baby Lotion

Uses: Our luxurious yet lightweight lotion contains naturally active plant sugars that work to strengthen the skin's protective barrier, lock in moisture and prevent water evaporating from the skin. 

Tips for layering: Apply the lotion on top of our coconut oil for a second layer of hydration and protection. Use every day to provide long-term support for your baby's skin barrier. 


Kokoso Baby Coconut Balm for baby's face


Layer 3: Kokoso Balm Stick 

Uses: Our nutrient-rich organic balm is truly multi-purpose and excellent for dry lips, dribble rash and chapped or irritated dry skin anywhere on the body. A must-have for protecting little faces and adding a final protective barrier on sensitive skin.

Tips for layering: This should be your final layer of protection, so apply the balm over our coconut oil and/or lotion to create a soothing barrier that seals in all the goodness and keeps irritants out. Put it in your pocket and apply liberally through the day. 


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