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How to use our Baby Balm Stick

How to use our Baby Balm Stick

One essential item that should be in every parent's arsenal is a multipurpose baby balm like the Kokoso Baby-Soft Balm Stick. This versatile product can be a game changer when it comes to caring for your baby's delicate skin.

In this blog post, we'll guide you through all the different ways you can use our handy baby balm to ensure you get the full benefits of this much-loved product - for both baby and you! 

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What is Baby-Soft Balm Stick?

This award-winning baby balm was specifically created for little ones but is suitable for skin of all ages and loved by parents too. It's made from 100% natural and organic ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter and Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. It got its name after leaving the sensitive skin of our chief product testers (our own children) feeling beautifully baby-soft! 

    Always remember to patch test new products

    Whilst Kokoso products are made to be as gentle as possible, it's recommended to perform a patch test on the inside of your little one's forearm before using any new product. Wait 24 hours and if you notice any adverse reactions, discontinue use and consult your GP.

    How can I use my new balm stick?

    Thanks to the no-mess, easy application stick, there are so many ways to use and benefit from this multitasking wonder balm...  

    1. Adventure Balm

    Keep it in your pocket for all your outdoor activities, so you can quickly tend to bumps, scrapes and grazes when you’re out and about with your little adventurers. We find it swiftly and effectively soothes the ouch and restores their smiles :) 

    2. Nappy Balm

    Use it instead of a traditional nappy cream, either on its own or layer over Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil. A nappy changing must-have, it forms a protective barrier that seals out wetness and helps keep nappy rash at bay. We recommend using one stick exclusively for this purpose. 

    3. Bedtime Balm

    Lavender is well known for its natural soothing properties on both the senses and our skin. Try our Baby-Soft Balm Stick with organic lavender as part of your bedtime routine, applying it to pulse points to evoke the calming scent of sleep. Sweet coconut oil and lavender dreams, little one.    

    4. Winter Balm

    An essential for protecting little faces from harsh winter weather, it's ideal for chapped cheeks and weather-sensitive skin. Before heading outdoors, apply the balm to your baby's face to create a protective cold weather barrier. For a thicker barrier against the elements, apply several layers. 

    5. Summer Balm

    Whilst it works wonders in winter, the balm stick is just as useful in warmer weather – helping with many summer skin issues like nettle stings, chafing, sweaty skin folds, sunburn, prickly heat and more. It will happily fit in your flight toiletries bag too. Summer skincare, sorted. 

    6. Face Balm

    Whether your baby is teething or has a cold, the balm stick is ideal for everything from dribble rash to sore noses, chapped cheeks, neck creases and flaky scalps – just glide and GLOW!

    7. Lip Balm

    Many customers use it as a baby lip balm, and it does indeed work wonders to keep lips naturally soft and nourished. It’s been known to be borrowed by parents too. Smiles all round!  

    8. Hand Balm

    Dry hands causing discomfort? We find it’s especially effective as a healing overnight hand treatment. Rub it over dry patches and cuticles at bedtime, for soft nourished hands come morning. It's also great for bigger kids who can keep one in their school bag to combat soreness from hand-washing and hand sanitiser. 

    9. Eczema Balm

    As with all Kokoso products, our balm stick is clinically approved for use on eczema-prone skin. It's particular handy for spot-treating dry or itchy patches if you're on the move, so remember to keep one in your handbag or pocket for a speedy and soothing moisture boost.  

    10. Hayfever Balm

    If you have allergies, this is a really neat little tip: apply the balm around your nostrils to trap the pollen particles and stop them getting into your nose and sensitive tissues. You can also swipe the stick under eyes and on eyebrows, to act as a pollen barrier and help stop as much pollen getting into your eyes. 

    How to use Kokoso Baby Soft Balm Stick

    Now you know how to use our magical multipurpose baby balm, we hope you love incorporating it into your baby's every day routine - and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're providing the best natural care for your little one's precious skin! 

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