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Weaning tips from Tidy Tot (and save 15%)

Weaning tips from Tidy Tot (and save 15%)

Tidy Tot make weaning easy


With the cost of living continuing to rise, it's more important than ever to make cutbacks where we can. The equivalent of 8 meals per week is wasted by UK households (WRAP 2021) and our friends over at Tidy Tot are on a mission to help reduce this number by reducing food waste whilst Baby Led Weaning.

Tidy Tot’s campaign Wean Without Waste has launched to help parents reduce waste and save money. They have pulled together 3 top tips to help you Wean Without Waste! 

  1. Watch your portion sizes

Offering smaller portion sizes, and responding to your baby's signals once they have finished eating to determine if they are still hungry, will help you not over-fill their plate. We suggest transferring smaller portions to your baby's plate and then add more once your baby has finished and is still showing signs of hunger. You will then be able to freeze the rest of the meal that you prepared or reduce the amount you cook altogether!

In a recent survey carried out by Bizzie Baby and Tidy Tot covering 1,344 Baby Led Weaning mealtimes, over half of parents surveyed said using the Bib & Tray Kit encouraged them to put less food on their baby’s plate.

  1. Have the right bib

Having the right equipment when weaning can make a massive difference to the amount of food waste you generate and the amount you spend on food. We recommend our Bib & Tray Kit to help eliminate food waste at mealtimes.

100% of parents taking part in the survey agreed that the Bib & Tray kit reduces the amount food wasted at mealtimes.  What’s more, over half estimated the Bib & Tray Kit saved them over £1 a day in wasted food. 

  1. Offer foods that are part of your own meal

As well as reducing leftovers, this can save time and money and makes life infinitely easier! Offering your baby the same food (either pureed down or as it is) will help you buy less and save more. It’s also a great idea to batch cook your meals and freeze into small portions which can help reduce the amount of food waste in your home.

Our friends over at Tidy Tot have given us an exclusive discount to share with you meaning you can get 15% off their Bib & Tray Kit for a limited time only. Use the code KS15 at checkout!

Visit tidytot.com/products/bib-tray-kit

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