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What products are good for teenage skin?

What products are good for teenage skin?

If you’ve a young teen or tween at home, you might have noticed an alarming new obsession with skincare.

Heavily influenced by TikTok and Youtube, kids as young as eight have started using skincare products containing potentially harmful active ingredients – which dermatologists warn could leave them with long-term skin problems.

Thanks to ingredients like exfoliating acids and anti-aging retinols, these types of products could sensitise young skin and potentially lead to allergies or eczema.

So what skincare should kids and teens be using?

With two tweens ourselves (who inspired us to create our natural baby skincare range back in 2014!) we know it’s not easy telling them what to do – but here are some ideas for a healthy and gentle skincare routine using safe products created for the most delicate of skin.

Teenage skincare products

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil

Our multi-purpose organic coconut oil is 100% natural and 100% #notjustforbabies! Over the years, it has become a beauty cult classic and has accumulated a legion of fans of all ages and skin types. The uses are practically endless but your teen or tween will most enjoy using it as a facial balm cleanser, body oil and lip balm.

Konjac Sponge

This super squishy plant-based sponge is ideal for cleansing with plain warm water, which is all that’s really needed to freshen up young skin in the morning before school. Of course, they can also add a few drops of their favourite gentle foaming cleanser.

Gentle Hair & Body Wash

This gentle wash can be used as an effective, mild and natural face wash for kids. Formulated with organic coconut oil and aloe vera, it contains absolutely no hidden nasties and smells completely divine thanks to our 100% natural allergen-free coconut fragrance.

Coconut Oil Lotion

Yes, that’s right, Kokoso’s coconut oil-based lotion can be used as a face moisturiser for kids. Vegan-friendly and 98% naturally derived, it’s the perfect no-nasties moisturiser for your child’s sensitive skin!

Baby-Soft Balm Stick

Kokoso's award-winning balm stick is perfect for their school bag or blazer pocket when they need a lip balm or quick boost of moisture on dry skin. They can also swipe it over their cheeks and rub it on temples as part of their bedtime ritual - the soothing scent of lavender is particularly calming at nighttime.

Learn more about the beauty benefits of using coconut oil in your teen's skincare routine. 

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