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Skin Concerns

From baby acne and nappy rash to dry skin and eczema, your little one may experience a range of skin concerns in their first year of life and beyond. Our kind and gentle products can help.

We’re proud to say that every product in the Kokoso Baby® range is dermatologically tested and certified safe for even the most sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

Common baby skin concerns:

• Red skin 
• Baby acne
• Cradle cap
• Sore rolls and neck creases
• Dribble rash
• Dry flaky skin
• Baby eczema
• Nappy rash

Kokoso Baby® Coconut Oil

Not only is Kokoso Baby® Coconut Oil an excellent natural emollient that is dermatologically approved for dry and eczema-prone skin, it also boasts anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to help reduce redness and irritation. It's all thanks to the naturally occurring lauric acid (found in both coconut oil and breast milk), known for its amazing skin-healing properties.

Tips: Use little and often (at every nappy change is a good rule of thumb) to help keep irritation, dryness and sensitivity flare-ups at bay. This natural wonder oil can be applied from head to bottom to tiny toes – wherever your baby’s skin needs some gentle soothing care. 

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Coconut Oil Baby Lotion

Our Coconut Oil Baby Lotion is a carefully formulated blend of soothing organic coconut oil, softening sweet almond oil and hydrating naturally active plant sugars. It leaves skin feeling soft and smooth whilst supporting the natural barrier function and preventing vital moisture loss, making it an ideal moisturiser for baby’s dry, sensitive or eczema-prone skin. 

Tips: Apply daily to provide long-term support for your baby’s skin barrier. As you massage the cream into their skin, you’ll notice how amazing it is for your over-washed dry hands too!

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Happy Scalp Cream™

Our small but mighty scalp cream works hard to balance baby's scalp microflora, strengthen dry peeling skin and reduce sebum production. It restores a healthier-looking scalp with nourishing organic coconut oil, soothing organic aloe vera and purifying celery seed extract, a naturally active ingredient that fights against dandruff, itching, dryness and hyperseborrhea. 

Tips: This calming rescue cream can be applied to unhappy foreheads and eyebrows too. Only a small amount is needed (a little goes a long way) and we recommend applying twice a day for best results. 

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Baby-Soft Balm Stick

Our Baby-Soft Balm Stick creates a soothing, protective barrier on sensitive skin with 100% organic ingredients. Moisturising coconut oil, protective shea butter and softening beeswax gently care for dry or irritated skin anywhere on the face or body. 

Tips: This product is ideal for on-the-go so be sure to keep it in your pocket or changing bag! Use it to spot-treat dry or irritated skin and protect weather-sensitive little faces. It’s great for dribble rash, sore noses, chapped cheeks and so much more. For a thicker protective barrier, apply several layers. 

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Gentle Hair & Body Wash

Babies’ skin can often become dry and irritated in the bath water. We created our Gentle Hair & Body Wash to stop this happening. It’s paediatrican-approved and packed with organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera and coconut-derived bubbles to be as kind as possible to delicate skin at bathtime. 

Tips: Use when bathing your baby to create a mild, gentle lather that will cleanse their body without stripping natural moisture. Keep bathtimes short and make sure the water isn’t too hot, as this can dehydrate sensitive skin. 

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