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Why we use allergen-free fragrance in our baby skincare

Why we use allergen-free fragrance in our baby skincare

Did you know that hundreds of chemicals can go into the ‘Parfum’ that fragrances many baby skincare brands?

None of these chemicals have to be listed in the ingredients, which means ‘Parfum’ is often where brands hide potentially controversial or irritating ingredients such as phthalates and harsh preservatives.

Here at Kokoso Baby, you can rest assured that our award-winning skincare products are deliciously scented with 100% natural allergen-free coconut. Hooray! 

What is an allergen-free fragrance? 

Developed exclusively for Kokoso Baby by a Swiss fragrance house, our signature scent is specifically made from only natural ingredients that do not contain any of the 26 identified allergens listed in the European Regulation Directive 76/768 CEE and Directive 2055/42/CE.

Kinder for little ones 

We use International Fragrance Association guidelines to assess the safety of the ingredients in our fragrance - so you can enjoy the coconutty goodness knowing it doesn’t contain any substances that are likely to trigger allergies.  

There are four standard types of fragrance:

  • Synthetic – the most common. The perfumer can choose to mix from 1,000’s of synthetic ingredients.
  • Synthetic and allergen free – normally just referred to as ‘allergen free’. There are still 100’s of synthetic ingredients to choose from. 
  • Natural – quite common. There are about 80 natural ingredients to choose from, but many of these contain allergens.
  • Natural and allergen free - much rarer (and expensive) because there are only about 10 natural ingredients to choose from

Kokoso Baby uses the last type of fragrance - 100% natural and allergen-free. 

Unfragranced baby products

For those who wish to opt for fragrance free sincare for their babies, and for the most delicate newborn skin, we have ultra-mild unfragranced versions of our coconut oil-packed products – look for the white packaging if fragrance-free is for you!

Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil with 3 coconuts in every pot

Pure coconut heaven

With three nutrient-rich coconuts in every pot, our premium organic coconut oil boasts the incredible natural scent of freshly cracked coconuts. So there's absolutely no need to add any fragrance to our much-loved hero product! 


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