Kokoso Baby Gift Sets

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Natural Baby Brush Set

A beautifully presented baby gift set perfect for keeping little heads pure, pampered and baby-soft.

What's inside?

- Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil (168g)
- Natural Baby Hairbrush
- Protective keep-safe pouch made from natural fibres

Newborn essentials kit

A beautifully presented baby gift set containing everything a new parent needs to gently cleanse and care for their baby’s delicate skin.

What's inside?

- Natural Konjac Baby Bath Sponge
- Mesh drying bag
- Kokoso Baby Hair and Body Wash – Fragrance-Free (200ml)
- Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil (84g)


All the material used to make our gift box packaging comes from responsibly sourced wood. Yes, even the window. It’s acetate, which is made from wood pulp and is completely home compostable. So you can even pop it in the food waste with your potato peelings. Nuts, huh?


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from 15.99
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